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It's Very Easy to use this site! Simply find the product you like and either view 'more info' button for further information and a larger picture.

If you wish to buy the item, click on the 'Buy Now' button. A Pop-up shopping basket will show you the item/items selected.

You may change the quantity, color etc by clicking on EDIT - this will take you back to the product choice window. Re-select and 'Buy Now', your new choice will be displayed.

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You can post a cheque along with your order details following (STEP 3 below) - Please note cheques require 10 days clearance due to fraud checks.

(Option2) 'Telephone for BACS payment details'. We will provide you with the details for electronic funds transfer through your bank. Print details (STEP 3 below).

(Option 3) 'Credit Card via PayPal : SSL 128-bit security'

When you choose this option you will first be taken to STEP 3 for your order confirmation details to and the payment link for your card details through the PayPal gateway to make a secure payment either by credit card or PayPal. YOU DO NOT REQUIRE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO MAKE A WITH A CREDIT CARD.


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All transactions in our shop will be debited in UK pounds Sterling. Two prices will be displayed on our site, UK Pounds Sterling () and US Dollar $

The US Dollar $ is used for your general guidance only, at an average rate of exchange. Click here for latest rates Currency Exchange.

International rates are always changing.

Your credit card will be debited in UK pounds Sterling and your credit card company will automatically exchange this for you to the rate of exchange at time of order process. This will be shown on your credit card statement - the cost of your purchase in your local currency.

All cheque payments require ten day clearance.

We welcome most International orders.



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