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     Harris Tweed Fabric                    


Due to the Hand Woven process of fabric manufacture we advise to ensure a perfect colour match of fabric separates eg. skirts, tops & jackets should be ordered together.


Fabric Care: Harris Tweed is pure Wool, so please remember to Dry Clean Only.

We at Clothing by Design feel proud to work with a fabric of such pedigree, and have extended the hand made process to produce garments of quality and craftsmanship that is synonymous to the reputation of Harris Tweed. 


Harris Tweed is a trade mark certifying 100% pure new wool. Produced in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from a traditional hand woven process. Islanders have woven their own clothing from their fleeces (sheep’s wool) for hundreds of years. This was to change in 1835 when the Dowager Duchess of Dunmore – Catherine Herbert (whose husband Duke of Dunmore purchased Harris before his death that year) was so taken with tweed that she provided and instructed her gillies (fishing & river guides) and keepers to wear suits made from tweed. Other estates quickly followed suite. This soon led the Duchess to develop additional markets for the tweed. 


By the turn of the century "Harris" tweed was the fabric to have your garments fashioned from. Suited to the Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen for use when visiting sporting estates in the Highlands. The popularity of the tweed became such that large scale industrial manufactures showed a keen interest and tried to reproduce the tweed inevitably producing an inferior product and trying to pass it off as Harris Tweed.   


Globe - Authentication Mark







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This brought about the creation of the Harris Tweed Association in 1906 to counter any reproduction attempts of the fabric, such that an act of parliament decreed that Harris Tweed could only be produced in Harris and Trade Marked in 1909 which is arguably one of the oldest trade marks still in use today. The Harris Tweed stamp of an Orb and a Maltese cross. The trade mark definition of which meant "tweed, hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed by the crofters and cotters in the Outer Hebrides."
By 1934 such was the demand for Harris Tweed that the islanders could not meet the market demand  using the hand process of turning the wool by hand. So the terms of the trademark were changed to improve throughput of production. The terms now read  "a tweed made from pure virgin wool produced in Scotland, spun, dyed and finished in Outer Hebrides and hand-woven by the islanders at their own homes in the Islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist, Barra and their several purtenances and all known as the Outer Hebrides." This definition is still in force.

Today, Harris Tweed has moved with the demands of modern times to incorporate finer and softer blends to meet changing fashion trends, this has led to the development of new lighter weight fabrics without compromise to the quality of Harris Tweed. These new soft fabrics are available in traditional country colours and soft checks. 


See:  Harris Tweed Authority    






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